Christmas Pudding Gin – does it actually get any better? We think not.

Gin is delicious. So is Christmas pudding. All those lovely warming notes swirling around the kitchen – the orange and cloves and vanilla… and when you’re in Tropical North Queensland, the herby, citrusy lemon myrtle that underpins the scent of summer.

So, when the idea of making a Christmas Pudding Gin came to us, well… it would have been churlish not to, right?!

Tasting just like a classic Christmas pudding, it’s just the tipple you need to survive a whole day with the family (and Uncle Barry’s bad jokes).

How is Christmas pudding gin made?

The gin is produced by macerating actual Christmas puddings (using a family recipe from head distiller Mark Watkins) with the original Botanic Australis gin, bunya nuts, cinnamon myrtle and native ginger berries.

All grown on the Mt Uncle property, naturally.

If that wasn’t enough punch for you, it’s then left to barrel age for 3 months in a 40yr old sherry cask.  How we managed to get a full 296 bottles with all the ‘product testing’ that went on is beyond us…

What does Christmas gin taste like?

The result is a tipple that smells like gin and tastes like a Far North Queensland Christmas with juniper-led pine-tree notes and plum pudding character. It’s perfect sipped neat over ice, mixed with ginger ale and a healthy squeeze of lime (think Dark & Stormy, with a distinct Christmas feel), tonic or poured over an actual Christmas pud for the truly decadent amongst us.

How do I get my Christmas gin? 

The gin is available from December 1 at distillery door and online, but it’s only a limited release so get in quick!