Want to make the ultimate gin & tonic? Look no further – we have the gin, and now we have the DIY tonic recipe. You’re welcome.

The selflessness we have here at Mt Uncle Distillery is incredible, y’know? We’ve just done all the work to call this possibly one of the best G & T recipes known to man

You’ll be delighted to know that tonic testing was not an exercise taken lightly.⁠

It. Was. Very. Serious. Business.⁠

Two tonic concentrates, two types of sugar syrup, lots of tasting and testing with and without gin. All for YOUR gin-drinking pleasure. You’re welcome.

We won’t lie. The fave, by a long shot, was actually a combination of both concentrates – super heightened citrus with an intoxicating whiff of herbs. Bloody delicious is the technical term.⁠


3 cups water⁠
¼ cup chopped cinchona bark
¼ cup citric acid⁠
3 limes peeled zests only⁠
3 lemons peeled zests only⁠
2 oranges peeled zests only⁠
3 stalks lemongrass tops and bottoms trimmed and outer leaves removed then sliced⁠
3 sprigs lemon thyme⁠
3 springs rosemary⁠
Handful of basil⁠

(We had one jar of citrus only, and a jar of citrus plus herbs).⁠
Rich Simple Syrup⁠
3 cups raw cane sugar (We used a dark sugar and a light sugar to compare flavour and clarity)⁠
1 ½ cups boiling water⁠


Combine all ingredients except rich simple syrup in a sterilised glass jar. Shake to combine. Let infuse for 72 hours, shaking occasionally, at least once per day.⁠

Make rich simple syrup: dissolve 3 cups sugar in 1 1/2 cups water over medium heat until sugar is completely dissolved. Allow to cool. Transfer to a container and refrigerate.⁠

After 72 hours, strain tonic mixture into a large glass jar. Strain tonic a second time, using a coffee filter or very fine cheesecloth.⁠

Mix simple syrup into tonic until thoroughly combined. Sweetness to taste.⁠

Pour tonic syrup through a funnel into storage bottles and store in the refrigerator.⁠


Add tonic syrup to soda water, enough for personal taste.⁠

Loads of ice. Good slug of Mt Uncle Botanic Australis gin.⁠

Top with tonic, serve with lime wedge.⁠

Oh god yes.⁠