To say we’re stoked is understatement of the year…

Topping off a crazy year like no other, here at Mt Uncle Distillery we are humbled with the mindbending win at the Melbourne International Spirits Competition (MISC), where we were awarded for ‘Australian Whiskey Distillery of Year’.

We won’t lie. We’re still pinching ourselves a little bit. It’s a pretty big deal, and we’re so proud and grateful. Proud of our very small little team here at the foothills of a banana plantation in Walkamin, North Queensland. Proud of what can be achieved when you really set your mind to something. Grateful to all the whiskey lovers out there, and most definitely grateful to every person who has bought us at a bar, a bottle shop, or travelled all the way to our distillery door and discovered why we love it here so much.

Just a little recap…

In 2017, we won Australia Distillery of the Year at the 4th annual Melbourne International Spirits Competition (MISC). In 2019, our FNQ Rum Co. Iridium Gold was labelled the Best Rum in the World after beating out a host of international drops at the World Rum Awards in London.

We then took out top honours for our single malt Watkins Whiskey in the ‘12 Years and under’ category at the 2020 World Whiskies Awards in London.

Now the winning streak has continued with us being awarded the ‘Australian Whiskey Distillery of the Year’ and a Gold medal for our Single Malt Whiskey at the recent MISC.

How did we do it? Consistency and just bloody good quality whiskey, we’d like to think. We use the best-malted barley and we also use a hybrid cask made from French oak and American oak, which gives it a solid spice note alongside the honey of the American Oak.

What next?

That’s easy. World domination, Pinky.

Last year we only made 30 barrels of the whiskey and this year we’re aiming for only 45 barrels. That’s not a lot. But we believe in quality over quantity, and we want to be proud of every drop in every bottle.

Want some? We might know a few folk who can sort you and your liquor cabinet out…

Bottle of teh Watkins Whiskey with Mt Uncle Distillery grounds in the background